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Vinyl Clubs

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

Just the idea that vinyl clubs are in abundance in 2021 should make us happy. These clubs might not be for everyone, and should be approached with a bit of caution, but they can definitely work for the right person, and can expose many to new music they may have never heard otherwise. The Wax community can be a bit “snobby”, for lack of a better word. Having the tendency to look down on club members, much like a new music friday spotify proponent. As to sarcastically say “thanks for shining a light on what we already knew”. Staying ahead of the curve in the wax game commands commitment and a true love of music. It’s understandable that many don’t have the ability to carve out enough time to do their own musical reconnaissance, so services such as VinylMePlease, SecretlyStore, VinylMoon, and many more, continue to thrive. Many of us wax enthusiasts are first and foremost parent’s and professionals, and just don’t have the time to stay tuned in to the constantly changing vinyl landscape. As a person who IS always tuned in to what’s happening in my own musical biosphere, and while collecting wax for over two decades, I personally would much rather trust myself spending $40 a month on records than someone else doing it for me. However, for a more casual listener, or someone just beginning their vinyl journey, these clubs can give you a great head start into building a solid collection. I fully understand the allure of receiving a package in the mail once a month and being completely surprised. It’s a captivating business plan. But it’s also a risky one for those with an acquired taste, and specific palette. I have always been, and will continue to be, a proponent of the DIY method. As there is nothing better than handpicking the wax that speaks to you most. Dusty fingers are the best fingers! I have listed a few links to a few reputable subscription services below. And whether the music finds you intentionally or by happenstance, enjoy!

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