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Tangi vs Digi

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

Now in an era where less is considered more in many regards, and being environmentally conscious is at the forefront, the entire aesthetic and tangible appeal of a vinyl record can be lost in translation. I get it, carrying thousands of songs in my pocket is the greatest thing in the world, with unlimited access to infinite tracks, and if you’ve ever had to move as a record collector well you get it. In fact, many people these days are educated musically by the generated playlists in their Spotify and Apple music accounts, which again is an incredible thing in itself. In the past, being limited to mainstream radio broadcasts and whatever you owned personally didn’t seem too bad, but now seems ridiculously restrictive. The internet changed the musical narrative, but has also rekindled a passion for tangible music. Buying “access” to music is fine for most people, but WE are not those people. Music is not “background noise” for WaxFeends. However, in a world of digital prominence, wax has become as relevant as it’s ever been. Becoming a legitimate commodity in most instances, fetching exorbitant amounts of cash on the secondary market

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