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Selected Ambient Works 85-92

Born about a thousand years before his time, Richard D James, also known as Aphex Twin, is one of the most iconic electronic music producers and composers the world has ever known. His debut album in ‘92 was as seminal a record as any before it, and shaped and shifted the landscape of electronic music forever. The electronic and synth driven sound of RDJ was distinct and unlike anything the genre had seen prior. Built around beat oriented ambient tracks that James produced as early as 13 or 14 years old. Although constructed with rudimentary recording techniques, the music itself was light years ahead of its time, almost sounding otherworldly. The record was future proofed and quickly became a landmark in the world of electronic composition. Paving the way for an onslaught of some of the most forward thinking production of all time. To think that these tracks were created when RDJ was barely a teenager is incomprehensible, as artists twice and three times his age lacked this type of vision and originality. Aphex would go on to become arguably the greatest electronic composer of all time, and one of the most influential artists ever. This album is a must listen for any electronic music fan with an open mind and a pulse. Ambient works 85-92 was brought to us through Warp Records, and is a staple in record stores from here to Mars. Highly recommended.

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