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Music has the Right to Children

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

What can be said about Boards of Canada that hasn’t been said before. The Scottish brotherly duo of Michael Sandosin and Marcus Eoin produce some of the most forward thinking and nostalgic records of all time, and are one of the most beloved electronic acts of the last two decades. Extremely reclusive with very few live performances or interviews, their distinct sound is unlike any before them. The melancholic and sentimental journeys throughout their unparalleled discography is unrivaled to this day. Released in ‘98, BOC’s debut album provided a vessel to nostalgic childhood memories, and wistfulness that quickly became a foundation of my own musical cognisance. Allowing the listener to take a journey through space and time, seemingly transcending the musical experience to something much more than ever thought possible. Listening to BOC can be a cathartic and deep visceral happening, shifting the idea of listening to experiencing. Although Music has the right is undoubtedly one of their greatest albums, any one you choose will have you feeling quite a similar experience. The brush with which they paint is undoubtedly broad but also unquestionably all their own. Another Warp records specialty, the entire BOC catalog is often readily available worldwide. Highly recommended.

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