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Updated: Mar 2, 2022

A fitting way for one of the most mysterious and mythical figures in hip hop history to go, two months before any of us knew. Originally known as Zev Love X of KMD, MF DOOM spent years living on the streets and lurking in the shadows following the tragic death of his brother Subroc, only to reemerge in the late 90’s through open mic’s around NYC as the Metal Faced Villain we know today. The talent that DOOM possessed was otherworldly. His collaboration with Madlib specifically, (a GOAT in his own right) known as Madvillain, is cemented in hip hop lore and consistently referenced as a defining achievement in both artist’s cavernous and critically acclaimed discographies. He was a staple in GOAT conversations as one of the pillars of underground hip hop for nearly two decades. The way DOOM could slice a Mic to smithereens with his iconic wordplay was second to none, while his gritty sample based production behind the scenes as Metal Fingers was unparalleled! His catalogue of beats as deep as his rhyme chest, the true DIY king, was an undisputed generational talent, and a gift from the gods. The connection that each of us built with the Villain felt personal. I recall exactly where I was the first time my ears were gifted with Doomsday. It was just something different; how every DOOM drop would feel a bit more exciting than everything else at the time. One of the most difficult things to do in music, is to carve out a niche; a place, regardless of what came before you, that is all your own! DOOM not only carved out his own place in the musical landscape, he did it with the precision of a scalpel. Never sacrificing his own expression or creativity, while his enigmatic persona added to the hype and intrigue surrounding every release. When the hip hop hall of fame becomes a reality, DOOM will have a permanent residence! A role model in the truest sense of the word, heads from the 22nd century will reference him as a relic, a pinnacle, and a defining figure in hip hop history. Small anecdote, I personally bought the entire Special Herbs collection on Wax so that my kids will grow up with Metal Finger beats embedded into their subconscious souls. Poetically, as i write this entry listening to Arrow Root, my 2 year old ran into the room and started dancing. Thus cementing the fact that the DOOM effect knows no boundaries, young and old alike. FlyLo said it best when describing Madvillainy.. “All u ever needed in hip hop was this record, Sorted. Done. Give it to the fucking aliens” Just remember E.T, ALL CAPS when you spell the man’s name..

Sleep well Villain Rest in Beats

WaxFeends Fam

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